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Certfied Personal Chef and Owner Jesse Librot is a graduate of Cambridge School of Culinary Arts in Cambridge, Massachusetts, as well as the Culinary Business Academy.  He is also a member of the United States Personal Chef Association, and is PrepSafety Certified as a Food Safety Manager.

Prior to becoming a Personal Chef, Jesse spent many years working in Summer Camps and cooking for at-risk youth in Boston, Massachusetts.  In an organization built on serving others, Jesse’s passion for food took off, as he discovered others’ appreciation for healthy, made from scratch food as an expression of love.

Chef Jesse taught kitchen skills to numerous youth, inspiring them to later battle for volunteer positions to work alongside him cooking for groups of their peers.  Jesse still looks back on these experiences fondly and views them as some of his greatest accomplishments.

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Gourmet Cooking

A Taste Endeavor

After Moving to Orlando in 2015, Jesse continues to share his joy of food with others, even as he works in a non-culinary environment.  Jesse would regularly meal prep 30-45 plates of gourmet food, serving it to youth and staff at the school’s he worked in. The satisfaction and bliss on the faces of those which he fed was all the compensation needed.  Jesse continues to work in schools in Kissimmee, FL.

Searching for more, Chef Jesse started on the path to officially serve others culinary needs – which has morphed into Fancy A Fork, a vehicle which will allow him to cater to families in search of soulful food for parties, dinners, or while vacationing in Orlando.

To stay up to date on Chef Jesse and Fancy A Fork, follow him on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and on his Blog.

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