“Book Chef Jesse! He is a fantastic personal chef who creates outstanding family meals and brings a positive vibe to the cooking experience. His food is consistently authentic, tasty, and thoughtfully created. I myself have little experience cooking but plenty of experience eating, and Chef Jesse always brings his best. He’s also a great resource and teacher when it comes to getting the best and most affordable gadgets to improve your own cooking skills and maintain a quality kitchen. I look forward to his next amazing meal for our family and friends!”

— Nathalie E.

“Any dish Chef Jesse prepares is packed with flavor. I was introduced to Haitian cuisine with his Griot, Pikliz, Djon Djon Rice and I’ve been craving it ever since. I think his secret must be care and attention; the man does not take shortcuts. So if you’re eating Jesse’s food, be prepared to go for a ride on the flavor train!”

— Tatiana J.

“Chef Jesse prepared our steaks perfectly using a combination of techniques (Sous Vide and Grill) and paired them perfectly with Pommes Frites and a wine reduction sauce.  Hands down one of the very best steak dinners I’ve ever had; cooked perfectly and prove Chef’s versatility and acumen to cook everything to perfection at the same time.  I would never willingly miss an opportunity to sit at his table.”

— Ian F.